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I MODULI SPACES Gerd Faltings Contents: § Introduction § 2 Generalities about Moduli-Spaces § 3 Examples § 4 Metrics with logarithmic singularities

Faltings’s original proof used the known reduction to a case of the Tate conjecture, and a number of tools from algebraic geometry, including the theory of Néron models.

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In 1983 it was proved by Gerd Faltings (1983, 1984), and is now known as Faltings’s theorem. The conjecture was later generalized by replacing Q by any number field. Background

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Website: /people /profile /gerd-faltings / Gerd Faltings (German: [ˈfaltɪŋs]; born 28 July 1954) is a German mathematician known for his work in arithmetic geometry.

In science and mathematics, an open problem or an open question is a known problem which can be accurately stated, and which is assumed to have an objective and verifiable solution, but which has not yet been solved (no solution for it is known).

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Gerd Faltings Proves Mordell’s Conjecture (1983) Overview. German mathematician Gerd Faltings (1954- ) proved Mordell’s conjecture in 1983, an accomplishment that earned him the prestigious Fields Medal, mathematics’ highest honor.

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Gerd Faltings’s wiki: Gerd Faltings (German: [ˈfaltɪŋs]; born 28 July 1954) is a German mathematician known for his work in arithmetic algebraic geometry.[5][15. And the Mathematics prize was also awarded in equal shares to Professor Gerd Faltings, managing director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany, and Professor Henryk Iwaniec of Rutgers University in the United.