Gerd Rothmann Jewellery

His contribution has been no more or less than to introduce the body print into the art of jewellery, as Dorothea Baumer established so clearly in her preface to the monograph about Gerd Rothmann. The fascinating thing is how many different variations he manages to wrest from this simple approach.

What others are saying Gerd Rothmann, Achilles‘ Heel, molded round Fritz’ Scheur’s heel, 1978 — An unconventional dialogue with the human body Influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy of kinetics and human experience, Gerd.

Since he began designing jewelry over 40 years ago, goldsmith Gerd Rothman has incorporated cast parts of the human body into his practice. His tactile pieces are custom-made and individualized to a hyper-specific part of his client’s body: ear cuffs appear to melt into cartilage cavities, and

Polly Rothenberg Gerd Rothmann b.1941 Germany Kate Rothra Fleming Meyer D. Rothschild b.1858-1943. Maud Rottier Fritz Rottler Ulla-Marikka Rouhiainen

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High-quality, hand-made individual pieces by Gabi Dziuba, friends and renowned goldsmiths.

Mar 23, 2013. Plateaus Jewellery, work by students and graduates from Idar Oberstein. exile Nr.6, work by Robert Baines, Karl Fritsch and Gerd Rothmann.

Precious things aren't always made from precious materials—and jewellery is no. David Bielander, Dorothea Prühl, Gerd Rothmann, Gijs Bakker, Helen Britton.

By definition, jewellery is usually associated with preciousness and personal adornment. Jewellers including Claus Bury and Gerd Rothmann drew on their.

Sep 16, 2016. Gerd Rothmann. Die Goldene Nase Nosepiece, 1988. From the series My First Royal Jewels, 2007-09. LEGO® bricks, rubber cord, silver.

Among jewelry’s inherent characteristics are the facts that it closely conforms to the human anatomy and pierces the skin. In addition to this, pieces of jewelry made by the Munich-based goldsmith Gerd Rothmann always bear the physical imprint of a person, e.g. the collector Jan Teunen’s legendary golden nose (1984). The individual signature appears as a fetish with sculptural power.

Gerd Rothmann’s work is known worldwide and pieces of his are owned by the most important collections in Germany and abroad. This lavishly illustrated catalogue of works (1967–2008) is the first complete retrospective of the artist’s work.

Rothmann represents a stringently radical interpretation of jewellery, which is always commensurate with wearability and the highest quality. Gerd Rothmann’s work is known worldwide and pieces of his are owned by the most important collections in Germany and abroad.

Art Jewellery / Metal. Svenja John, Deutschland Schmuck. Gerd Rothmann, Deutschland Schmuck. Flóra Vági, Ungarn Schmuck. Annamaria Zanella, Italien

Acid Reflux Symptoms Snoring Reflux problems often means that you have chronic (or recurring) symptoms. For some it can be difficult to explain how it feels. A recurring experience is acid. This page documents Gerd Rothmann: Schmuck/ Jewellery – Since the early 1970s, gold- and silversmith Gerd Rothman has been reinterpreting traditional jewelry through a playful, intellectual approach.

Professor Mario Pinton (1919 – 2008) – the great artist, jeweller and Nestor of the Paduan jewellery school. Catalog by Gerd Rothmann and Felictas Rall-Wirtz.

Gerd Rothmann – sixth finger, 1979 – "Jewellery without any element of kitch and a classical function." The above quote really sums up the essence of artist Gerd Rothmann’s work. There is a paradoxical element which takes you aback up.

Since 1994 Svenja John has been making jewellery. In Berlin. Since then she has been using macrofol, a polycarbonate foil. She creates semi-opaque clusters.