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Indigestion And Anal Pain There are various causes of abdominal pain, particularly of pain above the navel. Pain in abdomen above navel is the most common complaint. There are many circumstances that may cause

a rare disease manifested by upper GI ulceration, increased gastric acid. gastrin-secreting tumors that stimulate the acid-secreting cells of the stomach to.

Esophagus consists of smooth muscle and leads from throat to stomach Contraction of esophagus propels food and fluids toward the stomach, while relaxation of gastroesophageal sphincter allows. Log inSign up. -neutralize excess acid

Secreted by parietal cells when stimulated by food, caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol. Maintains stomach at pH of 1 to 4. Acidity aids in the proper digestion of.

Log in. Sign up. neutralizes excess stomach acid / produces neutralizing layer;. hydrogen carbonate is an antacid often used to neutralize excess acid.

Log in. Sign up. Used to neutralize stomach acid. Treatment of Zollinger Ellison syndrome (excess gastric activity). 50 – Acid-Controlling Drugs 91 terms. Quiz 3 25 terms. Practice Quiz for the NCLEX Examination Chapter 43 10 terms.