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El diseñador venezolano Álvaro Sotillo habla para elestilete.com de la vida y obra de Gerd Leufert. 3/5. Related Posts Nausea Stomach Pain Diarrhea Fatigue Sweating Joint

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This Foundation assists museums striving to present modern and contemporary art in a complex economic and cultural environment. While private collectors usually limit the accessibility of contemporary artists’ work, the Foundation makes the collection’s works available for loan to museums and university galleries through its "lending library.

Visibilia Caracas Gerd Leufert Salon de Escultura y Obra Grafica Jorge Sposari

The official web site of the Gallery of Cecilia de Torres, Ltd., dedicated to Torres-Garcia, the father of Latin American Modern Art, the artists of the School of the.

Gerd Leufert migrated to Caracas, Venezuela, in where he helped to establish the foundations for the country’s graphic design profession. Gerd Leufert migrated to Caracas, Venezuela, in 1951, where he helped to establish the foundations for the country’s graphic design profession.

The square is complemented with a mural by Gego (1912-1994) and Gerd Leufert (1914-1998) and a sculpture by Arístide Mai­llol (1861-1944). Its typology bequeaths to Venezue-lan architecture the idea of the shaded plaza and void as suggestive artistic mechanisms for tropical climate control.

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DOP Foundation. The D.O.P. Foundation is a non-profit institution with spaces and documentary archives headquartered in Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Miami (U.S.A.) and Caracas (Venezuela) that operates as an educational and lending resource of modern and contemporary art.

Gerd Leufert 1914-2014" #GerdLeufert100 #GerdLeufert1914-2014 #MundoNenia #Nenias Laboratorio de Tipografía Fundación Gego 6 Serpentario / Jose Miguel del Pozo